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New Montrose, Colorado Store

Jul 31, 2008

Freedom Stone Company is proud to announce our new store location in Montrose, Colorado.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

May 23, 2007

Natural stone offers many advantages over other manufactured building materials. Because it comes directly from the earth, it has a uniqueness that only Mother Nature can create. Natural Stone provides an authentic color palette that is unmatched by alternative products. Since it is not a simulated product, it is colorfast and durable. Chipping and sun damage are not concerns for natural stone. In fact, you can expect that time and exposure will only increase its depth and beauty.

Why Choose Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Natural stone thin veneer is a lightweight alternative to full size veneer. A thin veneer is cut from natural stone and its thickness is 3/4" to 1-1/4". Some of the benefits of natural stone thin veneer include:

  • Due to its decreased weight and ease of handling, natural stone thin veneer can be installed faster than standard veneer, thus resulting in cost savings for your projects.
  • Since we can ship 3600 square feet per truckload of thin veneer versus only 1000 square feet of standard veneer, shipping costs are greatly reduced.
  • Thin veneer is available in same colors and textures of a standard veneer.
  • Installation uses an adhesive application which allows for the stone to be applied without a stone ledge or foundation. This application makes thin stone veneer especially useful on remodeling projects or in areas with special support considerations such as chimneys above roof line and second floor fireplaces.
  • As a natural stone product, thin stone veneer will not have a repeating pattern that is easily identifiable as it is with fake stone products.
  • Freedom Stone Company is willing to produce custom blends according to the client's needs.
  • Natural stone thin veneer can be easily matched to Freedom Stone Company's landscaping stone products.

BSI's Newest Member!

Apr 30, 2007

Freedom Stone Company is proud to announce the anniversary of our first year in business!

Freedom Stone Company is a producer of a variety of natural stone products. These products include: Natural Stone Thin Veneer, Natural Stone Standard Veneer, Fireplace and Accent Stone, Headers and Sills, Column and Retaining wall Caps, Flagstones and additional Landscape Materials.  Freedom Stone Company is dedicated to setting itself apart through a stream line business approach, high quality and unmatched customer service. 

Although we are a young company, owners J.D Delap and John M. Barney have over 17 years combined experience in the stone industry.  J.D Delap resides in Poteau, Okalahoma, and manages the manufacturing and shipping of all Freedom Stone Company's products. With 9 years of experience in the stone business, J.D's management ensures excellent quality and efficient delivery.   John M. Barney lives in Telluride, Colorado where he manages our sales and marketing. After 8 years in the stone industry, John's knowledge provides our vendors and sales representatives with extensive information about our products in order to ensure that our client's individual needs are met.  The final and most important components of Freedom Stone Company are its employees. Our workforce operates nationwide and is attributed with our steady and consistent growth in both our customer base and production capabilities. 

Freedom Stone Company's sleek structure is inspired by our customers needs. We have opted to delete costly retail spaces and large administration offices and instead have replaced them with a "We Come to You" policy. Our sales representatives and vendors are provided with all the tools required to educate and inform our clients of all the natural stone options available to them. We utilized the latest technology to keep our product information up-to-date and consistent. This enables us to pass the savings on to our customers. 

In conclusion, Freedom Stone Company is enthusiastic about joining the BSI organization. We look forward to participating in upcoming events, networking with our colleagues and exchanging new and fresh ideas in order to revolutionize the face of our vast and exciting industry. 

*Press release courtesy of Building Stone Institute and Building Stone Magazine.

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